About Our Company

  1. Global Construction Industries, LLC (GCI) is offering a world-class enterprise system designed for contractors, subcontractors, architects,  and vendors by providing social-media platforms, project-management software, procurement, marketing, labor recruitment, training/education and vetting, legal services, and integrated accounting processes for all niche CSI divisions.

The Problem:

  • Vendors Nation powered by Glazier Nation isn’t afraid of opening pandoras box and asking the question that truly matter.
    • Do we see the supply chain and labor shortages improving and if not, what can we do to address those issues?
    • How can we provide free training to the masses?
    • How can we reach the youth to capture their interest in glazing?
    • What is the industry doing to promote individuals to join the construction industry?
    • With building materials cost spiking can we continue to build the United States infrastructure with American made products and companies?
    • With the last pandemic stunning restaurants, schools, office buildings, and retail, will the economy be able to sustain construction growth?
  • A nation not unified will fall, an army untrained will perish.
  • Glazier Nation is taking the first steps to make sure we address these issues and concerns.
  • It starts and end with the vendors and manufactures support to solve the construction industries biggest concerns.


  • Vendors and Manufacturers are being called to take action.
  • Progressively solving these issues and concerns.


The Purpose of vendors nation:

  • Is to help you redefine your marketing and advertising strategies.
  • In doing so supporting these industries problems, are solved.
  • You Become a beckon of hope for this great industry to hold it hat on by:
    • By sponsoring a product, you:
      • are offering FREE training course to business and individuals in ourpanem
      • providing certifications and product training on ourpanem
      • are highlighted on our ITB and submittal packages which showcase your products in front of estimators and project managers



  • Your marketing and advertising purpose should have great meaning. When you support your customers, you support your products. Great marketing is putting your customers first and allowing your products to sell themselves!
  • Activate your Free account today on vendorsnation.com

Mission Statement

Marketing and advertising redefined. While Impactfully changing lives and saving your customers Time.

To allow vendors to Moderate their Products success story by offering:

  • Product academy training for glass contractors and individuals on ourpanem.com
  • Product certifications for individuals on ourpanem.com
  • Product Moderation on ourpanem.com
  • Products reviews on ourpanem.com
  • Product purchasing on EQUIP at ourpanem.com for none- tax id products
  • Product news feeds shown on ourpanem.com
  • Product will be hosted on our FREE ITB module to allow glass contractors estimating departments to:
    • Sent quote request
    • Interactive automatic follow ups
    • Coming Soon: Order through Glazier Nation without credit applications
  • Product will be integrated with our FREE submittal module:
    • Deep linking your products submittal packages for project managers and coordinators

Glazier Nation commitment is to save your company time and money and in tum impact individuals lives through offering FREE training and save glass contractors estimator and project managers TIME for FREE.